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With Trump and Hilary alone in the Race, Hilary is up in general election polls by 5 points as of 6/24/16.

official election 2016 poll 062416

Official Election Results as of 4/28

Official Election Primary Poll
Official Election Poll 4/28

Trump Continues to lead the Republican Primary

republican primary poll


Trump still in the Lead

Trump Primary

Republican Primary Polls as of 2/17/16

Republican poll
Republican Primary Poll 2/17/16


The Democratic Presidential Nominees are tightening up:

2016 Presidential Election Democratic Presidential Nomination
2016 Presidential Election Democratic Presidential Nomination


Trends in the 2016 Republican Primary Results Through 1/22/16:

Trends in the 2016 Republican Primary.


Republican Primary Polls:



Republican Primary Polls:




Republican Primary Polls:


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ScreenHunter_143 Nov. 19 09.00




Election Results

Election Results for the Presidential Primary races.

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Clinton Sanders Poll Numbers 2/11 – 2/28

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